Sunday, June 17, 2012

Studio Tour - Nadir Lawrence of Stitch Sense Designs

It is my pleasure to present our very first Studio Tour!  Nadir Lawrence, a FredMADE member and the lovely brain behind Stitch Sense Designs, graciously opened her home and crafting space to the FredMADE family (and friends!)  Read on for an awesome interview, perfect organization and creative space inspiration....

First off, give us the scoop on Nadir!
Hey everyone! I’m so excited to be the first studio tour on FredMADE! My name is Nadir and I live with my sweet hubby in our beautiful & historic town.  I blog over at Stitch Sense Designs where I love to write about all things random, crafty, homey & yarny in my life :-)  I've been crocheting for almost 16 years & have loved gifting things to friends & family.  After getting many custom requests from loved ones, I finally decided to open up my Etsy shopStitch Sense Designs in August of 2010. I sell handmade jewelry & crochet goodies & just love the Etsy & blogging community. I've met so many wonderful people through there & I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to meet many other local crafters & artisans through FredMade! I hope we can meet face to face sometime & hope that you’ll stop by my shop, blog or fan page for a chat or to see what I’m up to!

Where in our region do you live?
Spotsylvania, VA

Tell us briefly about your creative space and the products you create in it:
My office/studio is the spare room in our little rental house.  It’s small & there are paint splatters on the floor but it's cozy & I love working in it. The room is full of all my Etsy supplies & stock of anything from crochet rosette headbands, scarves & baby cocoons to custom jewelry & other creative crafts that I love to do.

What works best about your set up?
The best thing is the “stations” or “zones” I designated to hold certain items & supplies. Like the closet holds all of my scrapbooking & card making things, the short cubbie shelves hold most of my yarn, & the baskets & various other boxes on shelves hold other supplies like paints, adhesives, brushes, thread, etc. it all really helps keep me organized.

What in your studio helps you stay focused?
Even though I’m still working on getting more creative artwork & décor on the walls, I really love reading the little word quotes I have around the room.  Also, the photos of trees & having family pictures all around keep me inspired.

What is your "go to" creative tool?
I love all of my crochet hooks, they’re the best tool that I craft with well. I also really love my glue gun, we’re best buds.

What would make your creative process easier in regards to your space or the tools in it?
I’d love to have less obvious storage space; sometimes open shelving can be distracting because if something is out of place, I want to fix it right away instead of completing the project at hand. 

What would your dream studio have that yours currently does not?
I’d love a large flat work space or table other than my desk or the floor. It would be great for when I’m sketching out a crochet design or when I make jewelry to have an easy surface to work on. 

What in your studio best reflects your personal style?
Well, I just started to rearrange some things in there & right now, it’s sort of a hodgepodge.  All of the furniture is either borrowed or was gifted to us, so I don’t want to get rid of anything.I’m making it work the best way I can.  I also really love the love seat we have in there, it’s great to sit & crochet my latest project on.

Thanks so much Nadir for letting us have a peek!  It's a charming space for the creation of charming items.  Learn more about Stitch Sense Designs and Nadir's crafty ways here:


  1. Thanks again for the interview! It was a blast :-)

  2. I'm SO inspired to go clean now. Such a sweet and perfectly organized space!