Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet FredMADE - Member Spotlight on Jodie Rackley

I don't know if you've heard...but the FredMADE Team Captain is KIND OF a big deal.  She's Jodie Rackley, the hip, indie queen of felty goodness and all things Lova Revolutionary.  

Not only does Jodie run a very successful handmade business, but her work has been featured on,, and a very inspiring Quit Your Day Job post on the Etsy blog.  In case you weren't impressed enough, Jodie just published her first book, Happy Stitch and it is available in bookstores nationwide as well as online (I TOLD you she was a big deal!)

So besides all that handmade awesome, Jodie is pleasant as punch and was motivated to form FredMADE to help gather other talented artisans in our area and start the Indie Craft Revolution this side of I-95.  Keep reading for a great little interview in our first ever Meet FredMADE Member Spotlight!

The Skinny on Jodie
Member:  Jodie Rackly, Captain
Age:  31

Where in our area do you live?

Are you originally from this area?
I am from Fredericksburg, born and raised, but have lived in a few different cities in NoVA.

Where can we find your handmade items?
Etsy is where my main shop can be found, but my goods can be found at cool boutiques all across the country.  I also have a pattern shop on Craftsy.

Jodie's Craft
Describe your crafting aesthetic in three words:
Bright, colorful, cute

What item do you feel is most representative of your style?
Most of my items have certain qualities in common - they all use felt, fabric, and floss!  My most favorite item I make is my fox dreamcatchers, but one of my most popular has been the owl phone cozy!  Both are pretty notable in my shop.

If you could impart one piece of wisdom to aspiring handmade entrepreneurs, what would it be?
Be yourself, I really feel like developing your own personal style in your work and your own artist mark is really important.  Plus, bue innovative!  Try a new item that you've never seen made before, use materials in new ways, etc.  Find a need and make it for people!

Favorite crafting background noise?
It varies, since being a full time crafter can get pretty lonely (no co-workers!)  I'm usually having a Netflix marathon, listening to CraftyPod or CraftSanity podcasts, check out Pandora or NPR.  And my guilty pleasure - the morning shows + Price is Right - and nope, I haven't moved on to Soap Operas yet.
Crafting tool you cannot live without?
My fiskars micro tip scissors, soft grip and sometimes my rotary cutter!

Crafting tool you have always lusted after but never purchased?
Most of my tools are pretty basic, but I'd love a super awesome sewing machine, a professional laser cutter or a screen printing set up.

Jodie's Life
Do you have a skill other than making super cute things?
I always feel sort of like a jack of all trades - I'm pretty good at various things!  I like painting and drawing, writing sometimes, researching things, baking & cooking, and being thrifty and resourceful.

What do you love the most about your family (furry family included)?
They're pretty awesome, what can I say!  My husband has always been really supportive of my crafty pursuits which I'm thankful for and my furry friends - my black lab and maine coon kitty are always the best company during the day!

If you couldn't be a crafter, what would you be and why?
That's a hard one!  I really feel like I'm doing what I'm meant to do, so I'm sure if I wasn't doing something particularly crafty, I would certainly still be doing something creative!  Sometimes I think I'd like to teach or maybe learn photography or graphic design.

Jodie's Community
Favorite local shopping?
I love browsing downtown Fredericksburg or downtown Culpeper for unique goodies and vintage.

Favorite local place to eat?
I can't choose just one!  Neither are fancy but my favorites are La Pizzeria (best pizza ever, anywhere) and Sammy T's (mostly veggie and vegan food).  Their falafel and hand cut fries are delicious!

Favorite thing about living in Virginia?
I love all the history in Virginia.  There are so many important places here!  Fred'burg is great since it's in close proximity to DC and Richmond when you need something fun to do!  I've always loved the mountains when you need a relaxing road trip!

To learn more about the stitchy fabulousness that is Jodie Rackley, check out her following links:

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  1. Yay! I love this group so much! I wouldn't have even known about Jodie until I joined this group. :-) Beautiful shop too!